Namespace: PPJ.Runtime.XSal

Assembly: PPJ.Runtime.XSal.49 (

Implementation of XSalScript

public class XSalScript


Constructs a new empty XSalScript object.

Constructs a new XSalScript object and compiles the specified source code.


Object: Returns/Sets the context for the execution of the script.

Boolean: Returns/Sets the C# flag to turn on the preprocessor. When this property is false, the preprocessor tries to adapt old XSalScript syntax to C# syntax.

Boolean: Returns/Sets the debug mode. When on the script will pop up the error message box.

IntPtr: Handle

Boolean: Returns true if the script object contains a list of errors.

ScriptEngine: Returns the instance of the interpreter used by XSalScript.

String: Returns the last error message.

String: Returns/Sets the script source code.


Adds a line to the script.

Returns: Boolean.

Dispose XSalScript

create from Handle

Returns: XSalScript.

Executes the compiled script and returns the return value.

Returns: String.

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